Friday, August 23, 2013

Teaching Daily Routines

Happy Weekend!

For those of you like Ms. H that have kiddos back in the classroom already, bless you!  I am sure you are exhausted (*understatement*),  but I hope you had a fantastic week :)  My students return the day after Labor Day, so I am still in scrambling/planning mode over here.  

As I think about returning to the 7th grade classroom (I am coming off a two-year stint as THE 6-12 social studies teacher in a remote Alaskan village -- more on that to come!), I am reminded that seventh grade students sure have special needs!  Especially when they are new to our 7-12 building and transitioning to the secondary classroom.  Establishing routines really helps students to feel comfortable in your classroom, and it can curb behavior issues.  Consistency is key, people!

Routines I would like to establish on day one:
  • “Bell Work”
  • Handing papers in and out
  • Correcting assignments
  • Group work
  • Being prepared for class (with all necessary materials)
  • Organization

Day 1 Overview:
  • Briefly introduce self
  • Explain ‘Bell Work’
  • Complete ‘Bell Work’
  • Explain the use of folders- show students where to keep ‘Bell Work’ worksheet until their collection at the end of the week
  • Transition to materials needed- have students hold up what they have
  • Group activity- have students define “history” *Make this part content specific*
  • Go over group work expectations and roles
  • Turn in group activity answer sheet- practice the correct way to turn in papers
  • Record homework in planner, and touch on how to use your planner to stay organized

How do you establish your classroom routines the first few days (or weeks even!) of school?  

-Mrs. K


  1. Great plan for your first day. Routine Routine Routine. I would add some more fun team building activities into your day and the content can come tomorrow. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Kristy! There is always so much to squeeze in on that first day!