Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cooking with Fractions

Seventh Grade is officially done with their first project in my class, Cooking with Fractions. This was by far my favorite project I have ever had students complete because it so clearly was applicable to their lives. The project had students find a recipe that had six ingredients and at least four measurements of which two were mixed numbers. They then took this recipe and found how much of each ingredient they would need to make one serving and sixteen servings.

Students had three days in class to work on their project. They had access to Chromebooks to find recipes and create a spreadsheet of which their final values were recorded. Students also used that time to write all work down on loose leaf to turn in. The example below is of one of my students who did an amazing job labeling, showing work, and organizing how the information was laid out.

The best part though was having students bring in the food for the recipe they had been working on. This was optional as a fun end to the unit. Each student had a permission form signed saying they could eat the food and if they had any allergies. My students, or maybe their parents, are incredible cooks! We had brownies, cupcakes, cookies, dips, pies, dirt cups, rolls, and more. I was so full at the end of the day I could barely move! Not only did I love the project, but so did the students. They were so excited to be able to bring something into share and get to try others food. Plus they saw the real-world connection, they understood that math can be used in real-life and how important it is. I was so happy with how the project turned out, I cannot wait to do it again next year!

-Ms. H

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